Status testing yo

What are you up to right now? Asks Facebook? There’s nothing like getting real application usage data from real users. And Onavo provides that for “a few million” iOS users of its data compression service. The big winners according to Onavo’s latest rankings were: Vine, Chrome, and (once again) Yahoo apps.

Since launching in January on iOS, Vine grew from 1.77 percent of U.S. iPhone users for that month to 10.7 percent in May. And the number of Vine users grew an impressive 39.9 percent from April to May. Google Chrome — which is also arrived on iOS last summer – also saw increased usage — perhaps because iPhone users aren’t thrilled with Safari. According to Onavo: “During the first quarter, Chrome stayed relatively stable around 10 percent, but in April it jumped up to 14.3 percent and in May it jumped further to 17.4 percent.”